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Key Production Equipment Ltd - Keeping Production Simple

Through Hole Assembly

Assembly of through hole components traditionally requires several processes and associated documentation to achieve the final result. With a semi automatic cut and clinch system the processes are reduced whilst achieving an increase in quality and throughput. The world leading CS400E provides the operator with an indication of component position and orientation if polarised. The controlled lead cut length and clinch angle avoid components lifting during the soldering process thus removing rework.

Vantage Stencil Cleaner
CS400 Range from C.S – Market leading workstations with programmable cut and clinch


Through Hole Assembly Component Locator

The CS-400E semi-automatic insertion machine has retained all the features, such as ergonomic design, inward and outward clinching, miniature cutter footprint, quick and easy setup, rugged construction, and extremely reliable operation, that have become recognized benchmarks for Cut & Clinch machines.

• Ergonomically designed for ease of use

• Improved solderability

• No component spillage or pop-up during wave soldering

• Simple lead forming

• Easier insertion

• No post-solder lead trimming

• Programmable clinch

Through Hole Assembly

Shown here is the Versatec Through Hole Assembly product available from Key Production Equipment Ltd. If you require information or details on other systems which may suit your requirements better please contact us.

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Many PCB assemblies still have some or many through hole components that need to be assembled, this can be done by hand relying on operator memory, fully automatically or with use of guided workstation. Specifying a suitable solution requires a full understanding of the parameters that will effect your products and your process. Not all semi-automatic workstations are the same, it is the small variances in process and machine that can make the difference when selecting a system to suit your requirements.