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Key Production Equipment Ltd - Keeping Production Simple

Key Production Equipment Ltd - Keeping Production Simple

PCB Separation

KPE can supply a range of PCB depaneling equipment for board separation within the electronics industry, further details can be found below.

MDS 7 Series
MDS-700 Series board separator

MDS-700 Series board separator

Long board depanelling

The MDS700 PCB separator is suitable for cutting 0.2 – 5mm thick, long Aluminum boards (often used in LED manufacturing). Boards of up to 2.4 Metres in length can be cut. The MDS-700 is supplied with no platform, the MDS-710 is supplied with a 1.2m platform and the MDS-720 is supplied with 2.4m platform.

An overview can be downloaded below:

• Suitable for LED board depanelling

• High accuracy German cutting blades

• Stainless steel platforms of 1.2, 1.8 or 2.4m

• X, Y axis adjustment

PCB Separation

Here is a small selection of
PCB Separation products available from Key Production Equipment Ltd. If you require information or details on any other systems which may suit your requirements better please contact us.

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All PCB Separation systems supplied by KPE are simple to use with CE certification, plug in to a 13Amp socket and switch on. Some systems have variable options please contact KPE for further information.